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Queens Real Estate News

New Developments Planned for Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn

Many exciting new developments are taking place in Queens as well as the city’s other boroughs, proving once again that Manhattan is not the only part of New York City where things are constantly changing. Here’s a look at... Read More »

Queens Real Estate Market Continues to Grow Stronger

From absorption rates to sales prices, the borough of Queens continues to enjoy a strong real estate market. Brooklyn and Queens Experiencing Increased Absorption Rates Both Queens and Brooklyn are seeing their homes selling... Read More »

Queens Real Estate Experiences Dip in Sales and Rental Prices

According to a recently-released quarterly report on the real estate markets in Queens, the borough has experienced a slight decrease in sales and rental prices. Nonetheless, for those who are looking toward Queens as a potential... Read More »

Queens Attractiveness to Buyers Expands Beyond Long Island City

When it comes to the Queens real estate market, there is no doubt that Long Island City is one of the hottest areas to purchase a home. Yet, people and businesses who are interested in purchasing real estate are not just looking... Read More »

Forest Hills, Queens: 12 places to know in the neighborhood

For those looking to escape the city without leaving it completely behind, Forest Hills is perfect. This Queens neighborhood is quiet enough to raise a family, but close enough to Manhattan (about a 30-minute subway ride from... Read More »

Garage Makeover: From Storage Space to Swanky Hangout Room

If you’re looking for extra space in your home—and don’t use your garage for anything but storage—consider renovating your car park into a new living area. Increase your house’s value with this simple renovation; our... Read More »

Queens Real Estate Interest Soars as New Streetcar Route is Proposed

According to reports, the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront may soon be seeing the addition of a $1.7 billion streetcar route. Not only is this addition a sign of how much the boroughs have already grown, but it is also an indication... Read More »

Moving Into Your New Home: Avoid These 10 Mistakes

The road from one house to another can be rocky. Buying a new home and selling your current home are no easy task. How do you make the move once your sale is finalized? Check out our tips to help you avoid the most common moving... Read More »


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